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Universal Love Tribe was established in 2013 by the founder Mark Salner. Our vision is to create a worldwide network of passionate and talented...

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Universal Love Tribe
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4 months ago
Thank you boss. A lot more to come. We just getting started :)
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01 Sleepy & Boo Imminent Light [Universal Love Tribe]

Soul Shifts
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Ornery Unification (Past Deep Remix) [Universal Love Tribe]

Duality of Life
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David Leckenby FloMo [Universal Love Tribe]

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Pierre De Beirut Breathe for Me [Universal Love Tribe]

If You Stay
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Mike Pearl & Mark Salner Feat. Lesha Rose The voice of freedom (Saléh Remix)

The Voice of Freedom
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The Kid Inside Puzzled Truth (Original Mix)

Puzzled Truth
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Rabo & Traumata Groovin Cosmos [Universal Love Tribe]

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BK Rogers Universal Law [Universal Love Tribe]

Deep Voyage - Mission 1
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